Awareness campaign for UN global survey in Greece from RSI «Panos Mylonas»
Awareness campaign for UN global survey in Greece from RSI «Panos Mylonas»

The Day of Remembrance for Victims of Road Traffic Accidents (16 Nov.) was chosen by RSI "Panos Mylonas" to start an awareness campaign for «My World» global survey, conducted by the UN - «My world. Tell us the world you want».


 The Institute, seeking to achieve a better world where the wishes and opinions of the citizens are taken into account in the shaping of policies (UN Millennium Development Goals), is promoting this global survey in Greece, as well as in other affiliated partner – countries, urging citizens, young people, parents and people of all ages to state their views and preferences about what they want, sending their message to the United Nations through the internet.


Given that one of the priorities set out in the vote is "Better transport and roads", the Institute participates as a coordinating partner for Greece, aiming to strengthen the issue of safer transport and roads that will help reduce and prevent traffic incidents.


Of the 5 million citizens who have voted so far, most vote for education, better health care, better opportunities for work, honest and responsive Government and protection against crime and violence. Issues such as better transport and roads, political freedoms, phone and internet access and action taken on climate change come last, according to the votes send to the UN.


So «Say what you think will make your life better -

Have your say about the world you want. »  


Vote at:



Your voice has power – Don’t suppress it! Through this survey, for the first time, citizens have the ability to send a direct message, stating their views on shaping a better world to the UN. The Global leaders when deciding for people’s future ought to listen to your voice, to our voice for a better world for the world we deserve and need. Let our message be a tribute to those who unfairly lost their lives on the roads and let us send our vote and our voice to the United Nations.



The RSI undertook the promotion of the survey in Greece, at no financial and economic benefit, as a collaborating and consultative institution (UN ECOSOC Consultative Status) to the United Nations.





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