Best wishes from RSI
Best wishes from RSI

The President, the Board of Directors, the Members

and all the people of the Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas"

wish you and your significant ones
Happy Holidays, with Health and Safety!


R.S.I.’s Safety Tips for Safe Holiday Trips
  • Before every journey, thoroughly check that your vehicle meets all safety standards (tire pressure, fluid levels, clutch, brakes etc.).
  • Make sure you carry all necessary in-vehicle emergency equipment (fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective vest, flashlight), stored in a location with easy access.
  • Place heavy luggage and large objects in the car trunk, preferably leaning against the rear seat’s back side and secure with rope.
  • Make sure there are no loose objects in the car’s cabin as there is danger of passengers’ injury.
  • Have a good rest and/or a full night’s sleep before you begin your journey. Tired or not, make regular stops every two hours at Rest Areas or parking spots to restore strength and concentration.
  • Do not consume any alcohol before or while driving. Also, in case you are on medication which may affect driving, avoid the task altogether. 
  • Keep necessary safety distances, respect priority regulations, drive defensively and behave politely -at all times.
  • Always drive at the appropriate speed, according to external conditions and in respect with the Highway Code.
  • Remain calm and focused on the road. Turn-off any source of distraction (cell-phone use, loud music, intense discussions etc.) that may lead to a car accident.
European Road Safety Summer School
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The 11th PanHellenic Road Safety Week was successfully completed
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