This summer we enjoy holidays staying healthy and safe taking care on the road!
 This summer we enjoy holidays staying healthy and safe taking care on the road!

The President, the Board of Directors
the People of the Road Safety Institute (RSI) Panos Mylonas wish you a joyful summer season!
Before each trip, we check our vehicle to meet all safety standards (check tire pressure, fluid level of clutch, brakes, etc.).
The maintenance of the vehicle (tires, brakes, etc.), according to the manufacturer's specifications at regular intervals, is considered necessary as it significantly reduces the chances of a road crash.
We have easily accessible all the necessary equipment (fire extinguisher, warning triangle, first aid kit, reflective vest, flashlight) in case of emergency.
We place the suitcases and all large items in the luggage compartment so that they touch the backs of the rear seats and we tie them with a lashing net.
We make sure that there are no free objects in the cabin of the car because there is a possibility of injury for the passengers.
The usage of seatbelt is essential for both drivers and other occupants of the vehicles.
A motorcycle can be a safe mean of transportation only when the driver and passengers are wearing helmets and special protective equipment.
We always keep safe distances from the vehicles in front and we drive at the appropriate speed, having in mind not only the allowed limit in each point of the road network but also the respective conditions (road and vehicle condition, weather conditions, driver condition).
We do not answer calls on the mobile phone while driving, even if it is done through legal means (Bluetooth, hands-free), as distraction is one of the main causes of road crashes. In addition to, we avoid loud music, smoking, intense conversations during the trip, as all these are also distractions.
We avoid driving under the influence of alcohol, even if we have consumed a small amount. The choice of the sober driver of the group ensures the safe return of all.
For the transport of children under 12 years of age by car, it is mandatory to use child restraint systems (child seats, seat belt) depending on their age, height and weight.
While driving we show our culture. We hold our nerves, are patient, use the horn as little as possible and avoid confrontation.
We use the Emergency Lane only in case of emergency (mechanical damage, health problems, etc.) or if requested by the Traffic Police. Unless one of the above reasons is met, we always leave the Emergency Lane free for patrols, ambulances or fire trucks.
We respect the pedestrians, cyclists and persons with disabilities or reduced mobility and orientation, as they are the most vulnerable users of the road network. Therefore, we always stop at pedestrian crossings and give pedestrians priority.
Drowsiness and fatigue are among the leading causes of road crashes. Before the trip we make sure that we have slept well and we must stay away from the wheel in case of taking medication that can affect driving. During the trip we make sure to take rest every two hours by stopping at the Motorist Service Stations or at special parking lots.

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