Today, religious celebration of the Orthodox Church for the Revelation of the Holy Cross… many families in our country carry their own cross because of the lives that were unjustly lost on the street...
Heavy blood toll on the asphalt on one hand...
Happy school year on the other!!!
9 persons killed on the road on Sunday, September 13th... 9 confirmed deaths in one day and maybe some that we have not heard of yet... And those who are seriously injured, may pass away in the next hours. In just one day, 9 families were ruined, children were left to fight alone in life, dreams, efforts and hopes were lost...
Because no one has taken the issue seriously so far…
Because the State has never actually and consciously dealt with the problem...
Is it indifference, unconsciousness, ignorance or choice? Whatever it may or it may not be, people are lost, lives are destroyed but the worst happening is that we have apparently accepted it to be a natural fact… that it happens to others. Until this fact knocks on our door.
A mother is dead, 3 young children are in the hospital fighting for their lives while their father is also seriously injured (in Naxos)... a young man (in Arta), only 19 years old, who learned just a few days ago that he excelled entering the Medical School at the University, dead in a horrible car accident too...
Unfortunately the list goes on... 4 dead in a violent car collision - 2 boys, a girl and a retiree, all residents of Preveza... a 16-month-old baby dead in a car accident (on Patras-Pyrgos National Road), a 24-year-old motorcyclist dead in Koroni under unknown circumstances, a 30-year-old motorcyclist lost his life in front of the Kozani Police Station after coming out of a gas station...
In Naxos, Arta, Preveza, the National Road of Patras-Pyrgos, Methoni, Kozani... in all parts of Greece.
Common causes? Excessive speed without the ability to control it, reduced driving ability due to lack of sleep or drinking overnight, poor quality of road network without lighting, signage or proper road surface...
But the main cause? Complete lack of road education !!!
Are any of these everyday tragedies comparable to the Corona Virus?
So many measures are taken to control the non-spread of the coronavirus, starting from schools, making incredible campaigns, investing time and resources for a dangerous adversity, which at some point will by bygone. However, what is being done to stop or even reduce road accidents... to prevent them? That everyday reality that has been plaguing Greece since cars first started circulating almost one hundred years ago? And in road crashes the victims are the future of our country, mainly young people, students, heads of families, whole families...
That's enough!
At the very end… Who will seriously deal with it by the State?
Today, when the happy voices of the children will be surrounding school classrooms overwhelming us too, at the Road Safety Institute, are preparing advice for parents and children for their safe movement to and from school, some voices have silenced forever and their families are mourning. Let us raise our voices to finally stop the bloodshed on the asphalt, to stop mourning unjust, untimely and unnecessary deaths on the road...
All of us, in the RSI wish and make efforts for a Happy School Year, courage, health and joy to all the children who are starting school today as well as to their families. Wish you all a school year full of love, care, also focusing and giving priority to life, health and well-being...
With love from us, from all of us, for our fellow human beings, for tomorrow... because life is worth living and we must protect it!
Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona,
RSI President
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