Zero accidents (Vision zero) – Conference on Road Safety by the Aegean Motorway and the R.S.I.
Zero accidents (Vision zero) – Conference on Road Safety by the Aegean Motorway and the R.S.I.
The online conference "Zero Accidents:  The Road to Implementation" was held on Monday, November 9th, by the Aegean Motorway together with Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas".

Greetings and presentations were made by multiple public persons like Thessaly MP, Mr. Ch. Kellas and Mr. I. Kefalogiannis, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure & Transports, who assured that the Ministry will do their best to help overcome this harmful situation.

All speakers talked about the fifteen-year and internationally awarded action of R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” and their vision for a world without traffic accidents. The Safe System Approach and Vision Zero concept was presented in the keynote speech of the event by the president of R.S.I., Mrs. V. Danelli-Mylona. Vision Zero has the long-term vision to achieve zero fatalities or serious injuries in the transport system, said Ms. Mylona and stressed that “it is crucial to understand and manage holistically the complex and dynamic interaction among speeding, vehicles, road network structure and users behavior”. R.S.I. has been struggling for 15 years for the prevention of traffic accidents and the cultivation of an education on road behavior.

Mr. Dimitris Gatsonis, General Manager of Aegean Motorway, closed the event, stressing that the program to achieve the ten-year goal should have intermediate achievable goals and that Investment in infrastructure and vehicles is important however "we need to focus on the driver as the main driver of traffic accidents: training and compliance".
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