The Nationwide Student Contest on Digital Creation for Road Safety continues for a fourth consecutive year!
The Nationwide Student Contest on Digital Creation for Road Safety continues for a fourth consecutive year!
The Nationwide Student Contest on Digital Creation for Road Safety, held by the Educational Radiotelevision & Digital Media Department of the Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs and the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas”, continues for the fourth consecutive year.

As every year, the contest consists of two sections, the first titled “Road Safety: A Shared Responsibility” for Secondary school students, and “Road Safety Anytime, Anywhere!” for Primary school students. All these years, this contest has been helping teachers and students to address road safety problems in their local communities, provide ideas and solutions, and become role models of Road Safety for young and old. At the same time, students master digital skills as they themselves become filmmakers as well as digital apps developers using Web 2.0 tools (wiki, blog etc.).

It is noteworthy that, despite the significant progress achieved in our country during the past 10 years, having reduced road traffic fatalities by 44% - with the R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” having considerably contributed- as far as children and teenagers are concerned, Greece remains above the European average, with 15 fatalities per million inhabitants (compared to 12 deaths the European average). In fact, the data show an overrepresentation of boys aged 14-18 in road traffic fatalities compared to girls, one of the biggest disproportions in Europe, not only tragic but also very concerning.

Therefore, with actions like this which strongly engage the youth, we’re hoping to bring positive results as younger generations will learn in a more engaging and creative way and commit to act for the prevention of road crashes and protect life on the roads by dynamically strengthening our work on Road Safety, for a world WITHOUT road crashes.

The main subject of this year’s event is the promotion of “THIS IS MY STREET” international campaign carried out in Greece and Cyprus by the R.S.I. as a Member of the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

Through this campaign, children and young people are given a voice to demand safer and healthier travels to schools, free from the risks of road traffic injuries and the harmful effects of air pollution.

The R.S.I. President, Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona, on the occasion of the 4th Nationwide Student Contest official launch, stated:
With more than 400 schools having participated during the past 3 years, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, this contest is being carried out amidst another difficult school year, but with Road Safety remaining an essential issue: The pandemic has globally turned the political attention to the vital need for safe and healthy routes, the fair use of roads by encouraging walking and cycling, as well as in keeping children and young people safe on their daily commutes to and from school and institutions. This is the reason why, this year, we chose the international campaign “THIS IS MY STREET” to be the main contest theme, run by the R.S.I. in Greece and Cyprus. We therefore invite all teachers and students (with the support of their parents) to express their views and suggestions through original projects for safer and healthier routes for children, young people, and the climate!

The subsections which students are asked to choose and work on address the core demands of the campaign aiming to promote the Sustainable Development Goals action on children and adolescent health and rights:

Primary school students
A. My daily route to and from school
B. Cycling safely!
C. Advices for the drivers I meet daily!
D. Proposing to the Mayor solutions for Road Safety issues around my school and neighborhood!
Secondary school students
A. This is my street: speak up for what happens on the road
B. “30 is too much!” Demanding compliance with speed limits around schools
C. Cycling and protecting the environment!
D. Observing my area’s road safety issues and suggesting solutions
Teachers who will be involved in the contest may either download the campaign message boards here or ask the R.S.I., via e-mail to, to have them posted in print in order to use them in their projects.
For additional information and applications, kindly refer to the following links:
“Road Safety Anytime, Anywhere!” (Primary school)
“Road Safety: A Shared Responsibility” (Secondary school)
You may also view the works of students/schools awarded at the 3rd Panhellenic Student Contest in the following video of the award ceremony held in the National Library of Greece at SNFCC.
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Best wishes from RSI
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