15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week (21-27 March 2022) “Youth and Road Safety”
 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week (21-27 March 2022)  “Youth and Road Safety”
For the 15th consecutive year, Road Safety Institute (R.S.I) “Panos Mylonas” is launching, together with the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E), the support of the “HELLENIC ASSOCIATION of TOLL ROAD NETWORK” with the distinctive title “HELLASTRON”, the Alliance for Safety and Culture on the Road “Roads to the Future”, and relative institutions and Organisations, the Panhellenic Road Safety Week, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.
Throughout this week, relative bodies of our country join forces for the promotion of critical road safety and mobility issues while, at the same time, information, educational, and institutional activities take place.
Aim of this initiative is to inform, raise awareness, and educate citizens of all ages for the prevention and reduction of road traffic crashes which remain a global issue and obstruct the country's progress.
On the occasion of the European Year of Youth (2022), this year's activities will revolve around "Youth and Road Safety" and will focus on two of the most critical factors for road traffic crashes in youth: distracted driving and drink-driving. Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young people 5-29 years worldwide.
To this day, with the support of institutions and Organisations, as well as companies with proven social responsibility, more than 245.000 Primary and Secondary students have been trained by R.S.I on traffic and mobility issues and responsible road behavior as pedestrians, cyclists, and future drivers.
Main activities of the Panhellenic Road Safety Week are:
  • Wednesday 16/3/2022 | Press Conference for the announcement of road safety activities at the Municipality of North Corfu
The President and RSI executives participated in a Press Conference at the Municipality of North Corfu, where a series of Road Safety activities is scheduled to be held. That includes issuing a Newsletter and implementing experiential traffic education programmes to high schools of North Corfu, with the support of the Municipal authorities.
  • Friday 19-22/3/2022 | Participation in the 4th National ‘Verde.Tec’ Fair at MEC Paianias
Visitors at the Fair were informed about the RSI programmes and used its road safety simulators. People also participated in a survey about the consequences of drink-driving.
  • Sunday 20/3/2022 | Open event for the promotion of Road Safety & Press Conference at the Municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni on the occasion of an MoU signing.
Open event for citizens of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni, with the use of RSI simulators and educational programmes for children. An MoU between the Municipality and RSI was signed for the promotion of Road Safety and the prevention of road traffic crashes.
  • Monday 21/3/2022 Press Conference for the launching of “DRIVE IN THE MOMENT” application (11:00-13:00)
RSI “Panos Mylonas”, in collaboration with the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and with the support of FIA launched the “Drive in the Moment” platform in Greece, aiming to help drivers drop bad habits and reduce in-vehicle mobile phone use.  The event was addressed by the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Mr Konstantinos Karamanlis.
  • Tuesday 22/3/2022 | European Day of Courtesy on the Road
This European initiative –implemented in Greece by RSI “Panos Mylonas”- aims at reminding all citizens that aggressive driving behaviors can cause road traffic crashes.
  • Tuesday 22/3/2022 | 7th Scholarship Award Ceremony in memory of Panos Mylonas (University of Patras)
The scholarship award in memory of Panos Mylonas was first implemented in 2005, by decision of the Senate of the University of Patras and is awarded by the Rector of the University to the senior student of the 4th year of the Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Tuesday 22/3/2022 | Road Safety training programmes for students of the University of Patras
Experiential training with the use of simulators for the University students and personnel, with the support of Olympia Odos.
  • Tuesday 22/3/2022 | Western Greece Regional Road Safety Day
a) The Region of Western Greece, in collaboration with RSI, will be delivering Traffic Safety and Mobility educational programmes for kindergarten and Primary school students in three regional units (Achaia, Aetolia-Acarnania, and Ilia).
β) On this day, a meeting between the University of Patras, GEFYRA S.A. and the RSI took place, concerning sustainable and safe mobility.
  • Wednesday 23/3/2022 | Traffic Safety and Mobility training programmes for students in Municipality of Corinth
Traffic Safety and Mobility educational programmes for Secondary school students of the Municipality of Corinth, aiming to help shape responsible road network users, with the support of Olympia Odos.
  • Wednesday 23/3/2022 | Athens Academy Awards Ceremony
The Athens Academy awarded the RSI and its President with the 2021 Ethics and Political Sciences award.
  • Wednesday 23/3/2022 | RSI President awarded by Kifissia – Politeia Rotary Club (Domotel Kastri Hotel)
Honorary “Excellent Woman” award to Mrs Danelli-Mylona for her contribution to Road Safety by Kifissia – Politeia Rotary Club.
  • Sunday 27/3/2022 | Blood drive for road traffic victims
RSI “Panos Mylonas” and General Hospital of Nikea-Piraeus “Agios Panteleimon”, with the support of OASA and STASY, organize a blood drive to support the Blood Bank for road traffic victims.  This is a crucial initiative, also supported by GROUPAMA Insurance proving once again its social responsibility awareness.
  • Nationwide television and radio campaign for Road Safety
Radio and TV spots on speeding and respecting the emergency lane broadcast by stations across the country until the end of April.
  • Video broadcasting for the promotion of Road Safety, in collaboration with the University of Patras.
Road Safety videos created by the Institute and University students will broadcast throughout the week by the University of Patras tv channel.
RSI Panos Mylonas on the occasion of recent road fatalities in Greece
The 6th Panhellenic Student Contest of Digital Creation for Road Safety
Destination: Road Safety!
Cooperation meeting between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and Road Safety Institute (RSI)
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