15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week focusing on Youth successfully concluded
15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week focusing on Youth successfully concluded
The 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week organized by R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas”, in collaboration with the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E), with the support of the “HELLENIC ASSOCIATION of TOLL ROAD NETWORK” with the distinctive title “HELLASTRON”, the Alliance for Safety and Culture on the Road “Roads to the Future”, and relative institutions and Organisations, was successfully concluded. This annual set of events, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, spread Road Safety messages across the country and received great public response.
On the occasion of the European Year of Youth (2022), this year's activities revolved around "Youth and Road Safety" and focused on two of the most critical factors for road traffic crashes in youth: distracted driving and drink-driving. Road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young people 5-29 years worldwide.
From Monday, March 21, to Sunday, March 27 2022, numerous informational, educational, social, and institutional activities with regard to Road Safety were conducted nationally. Aim of this institutionalized initiative is to inform, raise awareness and educate all citizens for the prevention and reduction of road traffic crashes.
During the 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week, the above activities, information campaigns and events were held across Greece:
Press Conference announcing upcoming road safety activities at the Municipality of North Corfu (21/3)
The Press Conference was held in the city of Corfu, in the presence of R.S.I President and executives. Road Safety actions to be held in Corfu (development of an informative flyer and implementation of trainings in schools) were announced by Mayor Mr. Georgios Macheimaris and Deputy Mayor of Circular Economy and Environment Mrs. Spyridoula Kokali, as part of the collaboration between the Municipality of North Corfu and R.S.I. Aim of this initiative -which is also supported by the Ionian Islands Regional Directorate of Education, the Ionian Islands General Regional Police Directorate and the Ionian Islands Regional Fire Department- is to raise awareness on Traffic Safety and Mobility issues among the local community, starting from Secondary Schools.
Participation in the 4 th National ‘Verde.Tec’ Fair at MEC Paianias (19-22/3)
Visitors at the exhibition had the opportunity to be informed about the R.S.I. traffic education programmes, take part in a survey on the consequences of drink-driving, and to engage in experiential trainings with the use of simulators.
R.S.I. President Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona was awarded the "Environmental Education" Award for the category "Environmental Awareness, Environmental Education at GREEK GREEN AWARDS 2022, handed to her by the President of Center for Renewable Energy Sources (KAPE) Mr. Spyridon Economou.
Press Conference for the launching of “DRIVE IN THE MOMENT” application (21/3)
Aiming to inform, raise awareness and, most importantly, help drivers drop the risky habit of in-vehicle mobile phone use while driving, Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas” presented, on Monday, 21 March, the digital application DRIVE IN THE MOMENT during a Press Conference at Electra Palace Athens. The event was held within the 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week (21-27 March), organised by R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E.).
DRIVE IN THE MOMENT was developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), in collaboration with the New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA) and the University of Queensland, and is being promoted worldwide with the support of the FIA as a good practice. As a FIA Club Member, R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” was chosen by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to translate and localize the application in Greek and promote it in Greece and Cyprus. DRIVE IN THE MOMENT is based on Planned Behaviour theory and consists of two parts: a quiz prompting users to rank the relative risk of various driving behaviours against the opinions of road safety experts to help them understand the crash risk (risk rater) and a tool helping young drivers build a personalised plan to reduce their smartphone use by training their mind to better respond every time they feel the urge to do so (plan builder).
Among other distinguished attendees was the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, Member of the European Parliament Mrs. Elena Kountoura, FIA Head of Road Safety & Global Advocacy Mr. Luca Pascotto, Head of Order of the Hellenic Police, General Eleftherios Gkarillas, Vice Governor for Transport and Communications, Region of Attica, Mr. Vasilis Giannakopoulos, and President of the Hellenic Institute of Traffic Engineers Mr. Panagiotis Papantoniou.
European Day of Courtesy on the Road (22/3)
This European initiative –implemented in Greece by RSI “Panos Mylonas”- aims at reminding all
citizens that aggressive driving behaviors can cause road traffic crashes.
Western Greece Regional Road Safety Day (22/3)
The collaboration between the Region of Western Greece and R.S.I. in delivering Traffic Safety and Mobility educational programmes for kindergarten and Primary school students in three regional units (Achaia, Aetolia-Acarnania, and Ilia) was announced on March 22.
7th Scholarship Award Ceremony in memory of Panos Mylonas (University of Patras) (22/3)
The -particularly emotional- 7th Scholarship Award Ceremony in memory of Panos Mylonas was held on March 22, in the presence of R.S.I. President and executives. The Ceremony took place just before the oath-taking of the graduates, at the Conference and Cultural Center of the University of Patras. The scholarship award in memory of Panos Mylonas was first implemented in 2005, by decision of the Senate of the University of Patras and is awarded by the Rector of the University to the senior student of the 4th year of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering.
Apart from Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona, the University Rector Mr. Christos Mpouras, Vice-Governor of Achaia and responsible for public health Mr. Charalambos Bonanos, the Head of Road Safety and International Advocacy of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Luca Pascotto a.o. greeted the event.
Road Safety training programmes for students of the University of Patras and secondary school students of the Municipality of Corinth (22 & 23/3)
Aiming to inform and raise awareness on responsible driving behaviour among students of the University of Patras, an experiential training programme and a companion seminar took place on March 22, with the use of R.S.I. simulators.
On March 23, the R.S.I. Mobile Unit also visited the Municipality of Corinth to deliver Traffic Safety and Mobility education programmes to secondary school students, assisting them in becoming responsible drivers and road network users.
Athens Academy Awards Ceremony (23/3)
Within the solemn Session of the Academy of Athens, on March 23, R.S.I. President and the R.S.I. were awarded the honorary Ethical and Political Sciences Award for the year 2021, for the excellent work they perform in raising awareness among citizens and competent bodies on Road Safety.
The announcement and presentation of the awards to the honorees was made by the General Secretary of the Academy of Athens Mr. Christos Zerefos and the President Mrs. Antonis Regkakos who praised Ms. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona for her continuous struggle and the work of the Institute for a world without road traffic crashes.
RSI President awarded by Kifissia – Politeia Rotary Club (23/3)
Honorary “Excellent Woman” award to Mrs Danelli-Mylona for her contribution to Road Safety by Kifissia – Politeia Rotary Club.
Blood drive for road traffic victims (27/3)
The blood drive for road traffic victims run by R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” on Sunday, May 27, in collaboration with General Hospital of Nikea-Piraeus “Agios Panteleimon”, received a very encouraging response from the public –especially young people. The blood drive was conducted with the support of OASA and STASY, HELLASTRON, the Alliance for Safety and Culture on the Road “Roads to the Future”, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. GROUPAMA Insurance provided the guarantees for the safety of everyone involved during this public benefit activity.
Road Safety activities within the European campaign “Europe in my Region” (28/3)
Within the Press Conference held at Faliron Municipality by the Region of Attica for the conclusion of the “Europe in my Region campaign promoting important works of infrastructure, safety, and sustainable mobility, Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli-Mylona saluted this initiative. Attica Governor Mr. Giorgos Patoulis and Mayor of Paleo Faliro Mr. Giannis Fostiropoulos attended the event.
On the same day, R.S.I. trainers informed secondary school students about the benefits of the footbridge, safe pedestrian commuting, and other Road Safety issues.
Nationwide television and radio campaign for Road Safety
Radio and TV spots on speeding and respecting the emergency lane broadcast by stations across the country until the end of April.
Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas” and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E) would like to thank all supporters, volunteers, and participants in initiatives and activities of the 15th Panhellenic Road Safety Week for promoting Road Safety in our country.
Best wishes from RSI
Road Safety Training for refugees in Malakasa
Pilot Road Safety Training for refugees kicks off in Athens
Best Practices that Save Lives, Enhancing Road Safety
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