The Political Parties talk about Road Safety
The Political Parties talk about Road Safety
“WALK THE TALK” - A new initiative of the Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas" in the period of national elections
In the framework of the 7th UN Global Road Safety Week (15-21 May) and the occasion of the upcoming national elections in Greece, Road Safety Institute (RSI) "Panos Mylonas" organized the "Walk the Talk" campaign in order to raise awareness about the critical issue of Road Safety and engage decision makers and recognizable personalities of the political scene to take action. 

Despite the significant progress that has been made during the last decade in our country, in Greece we still lose lives on the road, ranking behind compared to other EU countries’ progress in terms of performance concerning Road Safety. The high frequency of deaths among vulnerable road users and also in urban areas confirms the need to rethink Mobility as the 7th United Nations World Road Safety Week calls upon through #RethinkMobility, in order to make walking, cycling, and public transport safe and convenient so that people can make the shift to active, sustainable mobility. In this context, the Institute invited each political Party represented in the Hellenic Parliament to nominate a representative to speak in a short interview about their Party's plans and strategy concerning Road Safety.

The following personalities participated:

Michalis Papadopoulos, Deputy Minister of Transport, Chairman of the Governmental Road Safety Committee, Parliamentary candidate for Nea Dimokratia  Kozani Region, Christos Spirtzis, former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Parliamentary candidate for Eastern Attica SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, Dimitris Mantzos, Press Representative for PASOK-Movement for Change, Manos Mylonas, Member of the KKE Regional Committee of Attica and Kriton Arsenis Parliamentary candidate of West Athens MeRA25.

All representatives had the same time duration to answer the same five questions covering the following topics:

1. Achieving the target of a 50% reduction in fatalities and serious injuries by 2030 in line with the EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030 and the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030
2. Sustainable mobility – multimodal transport
3. Measures for safe mobility within the urban environment – adoption of 30 km/h zones in residential areas
4. Allocation of resources for Road Safety
5. Local road safety problems – Planning
Watch the campaign’s videos:

  • "Walk the Talk"- Episode 1 (Michalis Papadopoulos, Deputy Minister of Transport, Chairman of the Road Safety Governmental Committee, Parliamentary candidate for Nea Dimokratia, Kozani)

  • "Walk the Talk"- Episode 2 (Christos Spirtzis, former Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Parliamentary candidate for Eastern Attica SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance) 

We express our gratitude to all the representatives of the political parties for their participation.
We are grateful to Niche Hotel Athens for the hospitality and providing the venue for the interviews.
▸More info: tel.: +30 210-8620150,  

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