Empowering Education and Promoting Safe Mobility for a Sustainable Future
Empowering Education and Promoting Safe Mobility for a Sustainable Future

On Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 May, education and road safety experts from Greece, Spain, Italy, and Hungary came together in Athens for the project meeting of the challenging Erasmus+ project, "Safe Future in Mobility: Staying Active and Safe for Our Future in Mobility."

On the occasion of the 7th UN World Road Safety Week (https://www.who.int/campaigns/un-global-road-safety-week/2023 ), the SAFE FUTURE partners chose this significant moment to kick-start their collaborative efforts towards promoting road safety and sustainable mobility. The partners scheduled a highly anticipated two-day face-to-face working meeting in Greece, which marked the beginning of their collective journey towards a safer and more sustainable future. The long-awaited meeting provided an invaluable opportunity for the participants to connect in person, exchange ideas, and ignite the shared passion for promoting road safety and sustainable mobility. The atmosphere was filled with excitement, optimism, and a shared commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of students, teachers, and communities.
The meeting provided an invaluable platform for representatives from esteemed organizations across Europe to and exchange insights, ideas, and expertise. It served as a vital opportunity to lay the foundations for the development of digital tools, innovative practices, and the creation of an integrated school network that will spearhead the project's objectives.
During the two-day project meeting, participants engaged in fruitful discussions, deliberations, and strategic planning sessions, focusing on the key areas of road safety, traffic education, and sustainable mobility. The partners shared their experiences, best practices, and visions for empowering education and promoting safe mobility among secondary school students.
The SAFE FUTURE project is an ambitious collective initiative undertaken by eight organizations from Greece, Spain, Italy, and Hungary, including the Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) 'Panos Mylonas', the Renewable and Sustainable energy lab of Technical University of Crete, the Ellinogermaniki Agogi school from Greece, the "Fundacion Bancaria Ibercaja" (coordinator), the Spanish Confederation of Teachers (C.E.C.E.), and IMASCONO digital company from Spain, the Municipality of Alba from Italy, and the NGO 'Generation Z Foundation' from Hungary.

By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among these organizations, the project aims to create a network of strong partnerships dedicated to promoting road safety, traffic education, and sustainable mobility. Through the implementation of innovative practices and the sharing of resources, the project seeks to inspire positive mindset and behavior change among the younger generation, ultimately leading to safer and more sustainable mobility practices.

Aligned with the EU road safety policy framework and EU values, the SAFE FUTURE project aspires to contribute to the advancement of road safety and the enhancement of education systems. It seeks to empower teachers, students, and communities by strengthening education and training systems, improving the capacities of teachers, and promoting a culture of safety, sustainability, and inclusiveness.

As the project progresses, updates and further initiatives will be shared. Stay connected and join us on this exciting journey towards a safer and more sustainable future in mobility.
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