Why become a volunteer



Since the end of 2007, R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” has created the PANHELLENIC VOLUNTEERS NETWORK for Road Safety.


 This action was a result of a kind contribution made by the team of msfree.gr. In particular, free use of the PIN PROJECT was made available to the institute (more information on the Pin Project can be found on www.msfree.gr/pin/index.htm).).


Why become a Volunteer?


We call on everyone who feels to be an active citizen and wants to contribute to the reduction of Road Traffic Accidents to become volunteers to R.S.I.’s “Panos Mylonas” Volunteer Network that aims to:

- Engage people to become active citizens

- Provide active help to reducing Road Traffic accidents

- Improve local road networks

- Create social bonds with people that have common interests and concerns




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