Faces behind the numbers

Faces behind the numbers

At least six people per day lose their lives on the road, dozens are seriously injured and some of them pass away later or suffer severe disabilities for the rest of their lives.

In our country, in 2007 there have been 14.626 traffic accidents with 1.449 deaths and 19.672 injuries.

We measure the accidents with figures and statistics – though no one can measure the pain, the despair, the catastrophe behind the figures. Only those who have experienced the loss and the consequences, only those can truly feel and understand; since your personal “another number” becomes just a figure in the statistics then your life changes dramatically. Because behind the numbers, there are faces, personalities, our people that did not fulfill their dreams. They left a gap behind, we miss them and we will miss them as long as we live.

This part of our site is dedicated to our people, our people we lost – to faces and personalities, our children, our brothers, our parents, our friends and our beloved ones, who left in a violent, unfair way and so early. Because we cannot forget but we have to make others to know and remember that it takes only a few seconds to change yours and everybody else’s life.

Everybody must not forget how we should behave on the road and everywhere else.

From those who try to survive suffering from their loss, with love and pain…

From the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas”
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