Athens, 17th of December 2015

Road Safety Institute (RSI) “Panos Mylonas” celebrates 10 years of action



RSI "Panos Mylonas" completed 10 years of action in the sector of road safety. Following the tragic and unfair death of Panos Mylonas, an Organization that has a significant and active role in the prevention of road accidents was created. RSI’s  work, recognized not only in Greece but internationally as well, was presented on December 17th, 2015 at Zappeion Megaron in the presence of distinguished guests, friends and associates of the Institute, as well as many representatives of institutional, social entities and Organizations.


More specifically, the event was attended by:  Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis, the President of the Parliament, who also awarded the Prize to the Traffic Policemen of the Year, the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis, the Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostakis, and the President of the Special Permanent Road Safety Committee of the Parliament, Mr. George Oursouzidis. They all honored us with their presence by delivering a speech of support to the crucial issue of road safety and the importance to defend it in every possible way.


The Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks, welcoming the event pointed out: "The Government considers the RSI’s contribution of on road safety of great importance”. Mr. Sgouridis noted that: "The annual cost of road accidents in Greece is 3 billion Euros", while stressing that “There is no way to estimate the economic value of life as a statistical number".  Finally, the Deputy Minister stated that: "Together with the Stakeholders, we aim to focus in the prevention of road accidents and the development of traffic safety culture".


The Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitris Anagnostakis, underlined "The value of Primary Education to foster traffic education." At the same time, he also emphasized that: "The Greek Police, and the rest of my colleagues, struggle daily because we do not have all the necessary means to be even more effective.  Therefore, the cooperation we have with RSI enables us to change our culture.  For that we would like to say a great “Thank you” in public!



Moreover, we were honored by the presence of our valuable sponsors, the "Alliance for safety and courtesy on the road," our members and supporters, who all expressed in this way the priority they give to human life, demonstrating their corporate social responsibility. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew also sent a written greeting, congratulating the Institute for its ten consecutive years of efforts to prevent road accidents.


Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas"’ President Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli - Mylona, made an overview of the main actions and projects achieved by the RSI during the decade 2005 - 2015, and renewed the commitment of the Institute for new future campaigns in order to achieve our vision for a world without road crushes.

A special moment of the event, was the speech of Mr. Antonio Avenoso, Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC - European Transport Safety Council), who pointed out the significant contribution of the Institute on International developments related to Road Safety. Mr. Avenoso, stated that “Over the last ten years it has been very inspiring for me to witness the growth, evolution and impact of RSI "Panos Mylonas” has been truly exceptional at raising the profile of road safety in Greece through information campaigns, the media and social media. But improving road safety is a matter of a wider system change. It needs public awareness, political will and stakeholders support, from industry to the civil society. RSI “Panos Mylonas”, knowledge lead from the start creating partnerships with universities, companies and associations in Greece, and around Europe, which was crucial to the Institutes success."


After the presentation, the “Traffic Policemen of the Year’’ awards ceremony followed, an initiative of RSI established since many years;  Mr. John Spanidis from the Traffic Department of Ellinikon and Mr. John Kolios,  from the Traffic Department of Viotia were awarded for their contribution in helping to prevent road accidents and protect citizens’ lives. The award ceremony was held in the presence of the General Police Inspector of Southern Greece, Mr. Constantinos Michairinas and Head representatives of the Greek Police.Mr. Michairinas stated: "10 years of cooperation with the Institute" Panos Mylonas ", were very successful for the Police. We, as Greek Police and Traffic Police, what should promise to Mrs. Mylona and to Panos’s memory, is that we will do everythingpossible to reduce traffic accidents". Following, the Traffic Policemen received an honorary award from RSI, while one alcoholmeter device to each Traffic Police Department was also donated by RSI.


RSI volunteers Mrs.Mirto Evangelou and Mr. George Kolokithas were awarded for their significant contribution to Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas".

During the event, two very interesting videos were presented: one was a brief outline of the Institute ten-year history, and the second consisted of short greetings from international personalities in the field of road safetyand in particular:

- Jean Todt, President of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (F.I.A.) & United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Road Safety 

- Szabolcs Schmidt, European Commission, DG MOVE Head of Road Safety 

- Prof. Claes Tingvall, the ”Father” of the Vision Zero concept

- Christy McCann, Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland

- Michael Woodford, President of The Safer Roads Foundation (S.R.F.)

After the presentation, all guests had the opportunity to visit the exhibition of applications, educational programs and the equipment of the Institute, which are unique in Greece. 

We would like to especially thank the sponsors of the event: GENESIS PHARMA, HELLASTRON, ETSC (European Transport Safety Council), SRF (Safer Road Foundation)

Greetings were expressed by: Mr. Vasilis Chalkias, HELLASTRON President and CEO of ATTIKES DIADROMES and Mrs. Anastasia Aggeli, Corporate Affairs Directorof DIAGEO Hellas, stating their acknowledgment and support to the Institute’s work. Finally, we would like to thank ERT (National TV and Radio channels) who supported the event and always stand by RSI, and a personal thanks to Mr. Nicholas Korovilas,journalist, who coordinated the event.

It is important to mention that deaths in Greece decreased by 53% and serious injuries by 55% over the decade 2004 - 2014. In particular, during 2014, 793 of our fellow citizens died in the roads, while in 2004 the number was 1,670. However, during the first nine months of 2015, an increase was recorded to the number of fatalities and seriously injured in road traffic by 9.7% and 3.7% compared respectively to 2014. This shows that we must intensify our efforts to raise awareness of all road users until the vision of the Institute becomes reality:  living in a world without traffic accidents!




Photograph 1:  The President of the Parliament Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis, General Police Inspector of Southern Greece, Mr. Constantinos Michairinas, Mrs. Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona, and Chiefs of Departments of Traffic Police with awarded Policemen of the Year 

Photograph 2:  RSI President Mrs. Vassiliki Danelli – Mylona with Mr.  Antonio Avenoso and Mr. Nikos Korovilas

Photograph 3: Mr. Konstantinos Giannopoulos, President of the NGO “The smile of the child” nominates RSI volunteers

Photograph 4: Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis with Mrs. Vassiliki Danesli-Mylona and the Ecumenical Patriarch representative.

Photograph 5: Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis

Photograph 6: Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostakis, with Police representatives

Photograph 7: President of the Special Permanent Road Safety Committee of Parliament Mr. George Oursouzidis with RSI representatives

The RSI “Panos Mylonas” organized a series of events for the children of the staff of the Insurance company CHARTIS on the 19th of June 2011 in the Hellenic Motor Museum. The children up to the age of 12 participated in the program of traffic education “In Traffic with Safety” that is implemented by the Institute in special reformed room of the Museum, while older children with their parents took part in a seminar concerning the basic rules safe driving that took place in the Amphitheatre of the Museum. Afterwards, the visitor had the opportunity to attend to the special tour to the three floors of building that include an impressive collection of cars from 1895 to 1980 approximately. Our little friends completed their visit in the Museum by “driving” an F1 simulator that is available to the visitors of the Museum (Athens, 19 June 2011).

 The R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas”, in collaboration with the second Office of Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Chios, the Interconnection Committee of the University of Aegean and the Mental Health Sector of Chios, co-organized on Monday the 9th of May 2011 a Conference for the presentation of the programs of Education and Health from Chios’ secondary Education schools  and presentations for issues of Road Safety from the President of RSI, Mrs of V. Danelli-Mylona and the car journalist and partner of the RSI Mr Eygenios Petoymenos. During the event, the awards of the literature competitionon the subject of Road Safety were given to students of Middle and High schools of the Prefecture were given as well as gifts from local shops and by the Institute (Chios, 9th of May 2011).

The RSI “Panos Mylonas” organised on Monday 17 May 2010 festive event on the occasion of the completion of five (5) years of actions since its foundation. During the event, the Institute tried to inform and sensitize the children, the parents, the educators, the volunteers and the active citizens for the subjects of the circulatory education and the efforts that take place for the creation of safe environment for the road users.

During the event took place:

- A happening with the main slogan “No More Blood on the Road” by volunteers of the RSI “Panos Mylonas” small pupils and students of the Maximum Faculty of Fine Arts, in the Open Theatre, forming the slogan with roses so many as the children and the young people under 25 lost in road accidents.

- Presentation of the Children's Interactive Circulatory Educational Program called “Moving with Safety” to the pupils of the private school “Ellinogermaniki Agogi” (“Greek German Education”).

- The Institute's volunteers were filled in on the issue “Alcohol and Driving” in the European “HEROES” framework [HEalth and ROad safety: volunteering heroES].

- A group of students from the Maximum Faculty of Fine Arts organised Posters' Figurative Report called “Behaviour in the Street”. The posters were presented by Supplementary Professor Mrs Leoni Vidali.

In addition, a brochure has been presented, which lines the Educational Program of the RSI “Panos Mylonas” “Be a Road Safety Knight” where Knight Eugene, a hero of the proper road circulation, points the road safety issues to the children according to a simple and recreational manner. Supportive reading matter also, presented briefly for teachers which has been created in cooperation with the Pedagogic Department of Municipal Education of the University of Patras.
During the events, many speeches took place, among them by President of the RSI “Panos Mylonas” Mrs Vassiliki Danelli Mylona, Mrs Maria Fragia, educator, Mr Aris Kokkas, member of the Institute and Road Safety specialist, Mr Johan Chiers, Director of Responsible Young Drivers in Belgium, and Mr Nikos Charalambopoulos, Youth Leader of the Institute. Dr Ioannis Papadopoulos, spoked with the subject “When alcohol becomes a problem”and Mrs Eleni Voutierou, psychiatrist and President of the Sectoral Committee of Mental Health of Prefecture Chios spoked as well, for the bidirectional relation among Mental Health and accidents.
The event closed with greetings from the volunteers and the cooperators. Among them also from the Director of the Agia Paraskevi (nearby Athens) Road Police Department Mr Athanasios Papakonstantinou who made himself a helper in this important campaign emphasising the meaning of generating the State and cooperating with the society. Finally, Mrs Lena Mavrikiou, Director of the RSI “Giorgos Mavrikios” in Cyprus, founded by the support of the RSI “Panos Mylonas”, demanded the expansion of the Institute's programs to the children and the young people in the island (Technopolis Gazi Radio Athina 9,84 Theatre, 17 May 2010).

The Institute of Road Safety “Panos Mylonas” in collaboration with the Municipality of Galatsi made presentations in order to inform and sensitize the public about issues of road safety in the 4 Centers of Open Protection of the Elderly of the Municipality (KAPH). The lectures were presented by the Members of the Institute Mr Agelos Rouchotas, Mr Aris Kokkas, Mr Vasilis Stamatopoylos and Mr Stelios Efstathiadis and more than 200 individuals attended the event. The Institute also distributed the special informative handout “Drive with safety - Guidelines of Road Safety for elderly drivers” (Galatsi, 13-20-23/4 and 6/5 2010)

The Road Safety Institute «Panos Mylonas» (R.S.I.) and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (HITE) organized the 3rd Road Safety Week from March 19th to March 26th 2010, with a range of activities all over Greece.
During that week, the «European Day of Courtesy on the Road» was celebrated on March 26th, as did other European countries as well.

In particular, the following activities took place:

Friday, March 19th:

Athens: Road Safety Conference entitled «Road Safety: Policies and Evolution», at the Amphitheatre of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, from 09:30 to 14:30.

Trikala: Road Safety Event in cooperation with the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science of the University of Thessaly, at Karyes Trikala.

March 19 – 26:

Χίος: Chios: City Events regarding «Courtesy on the Road… Civilization and Safety in our life»: distribution of leaflets, citizen information campaign, publicity of social messages in the cafeterias’ of the city and bicycle activities. With the participation of: the Municipality, the University of the Aegean, the Directorate of Secondary Education, the Parents Association, the Bicycle Associations «Podilatin» and «baΣΙΚΛΕΣ» and the Department of Mental Health of Chios.

Thessaloniki: Road Safety Events at the facilities of Robopoulos Group – implementation of an educational programme (22-23/3), presentation of a painting exhibition of the Athens School of Fine Arts, projection of the video «sociodromologia» and distribution of the Courtesy leaflet.

Sunday, March 21st:

Thessaloniki: Event of the Union of Sleep Disorder Patients  «Pasithea» and the Sleep Unit of the «Saint Pavlos» General Hospital, apropos of the world day for sleep – speech of the representative of the R.S.I. Mr. Vassilis Stamatopoulos regarding sleepiness and driving.

Thessaloniki: Day without Accidents, the volunteers of R.S.I., the Parents & Guardians Association of Anatolia College and the NGO PRAKSIS visited two restaurants in Thessaloniki, «Miami» at Nea Krini and «Chamodrakas» at Aretsou and invited the customers to try a friendly alcotest while leaving the restaurants. Furthermore, on 26/3 the leaflet «Road Courtesy» was distributed at the streets Tsimiski, Pavlou Mela and Palaion Patron Germanou.

Serres: 2nd Panhellenic Meeting for Road Safety, co-organisers: Directorate of Primary Education of the Prefecture of Serres, the local Consumers’ Association, the Consumers’ Association of Florina, the Prefecture of Serres, the local traffic police and the Motordrome of Serres. The R.S.I. and the I.T.E. were represented by the former Deputy Professor of the University of Athens Mr. Ioannis Papadopoulos, the Vice-President of HITE Mr. P. Kritikos and the Vice-President of the Greek Consumers’ Organization of Florina, Engineer and local Volunteers coordinator of R.S.I. at Florina, Mr. G. Hatzis.

Monday, March 22nd:

Rio-Antirrio Bridge: Regional Day for Road Safety for Western Greece in cooperation with the company GEFYRA SA (member of R.S.I.). A conference took place and representatives of public and private organizations of Western Greece were present. Inauguration of the new chapter of R.S.I. for Western Greece.

Patras: Award of a scholarship in memory of Panos Mylonas, at the Ceremony Hall of the University of Patras. In the entrance of the Hall, there was an art exhibition of the Athens School of Fine Arts, regarding Road Safety, and an information campaign as part of the programme HEROES. Also, distribution of the leaflet in cooperation with the traffic police of Patras, the Directorate of Secondary Education of the Prefecture of Achaia and St Basil’s High school.

Tuesday, March 23rd:

Attica: Distribution of leaflet in the area of St Antonios, Peristeri, by volunteers of the R.S.I. in cooperation with the Association of Multi-Child Women «The Pomegranate».
Syros: Symbolic colouring of the crosswalks outside the 3rd, 4th and 5th Primary Schools of Ermoupoli, by students of the schools in cooperation with the Directorate of Primary Education of the Prefecture of Cyclades and distribution of leaflet.

Edessa: Road Safety Conference organized by the municipal police of Edessa and addressed by the President of the R.S.I. Mrs. V. Danelli-Mylona, the Vice-President of I.T.E. Mr. P. Kritikos and the coordinator of thematic network of Central Macedonia for the secureness of teenagers free time Mr. K. Kiourtsis (March 15th). Additional activities on road safety took place in Larissa, such as a Conference organized ny the Municipality with the support of the Aegean Motorway.

Friday, March 26th:

Attica: Speech on Road Safety at the 2nd High School of Galatsi and distribution of leaflet by the students at Galatsi in cooperation with the Social Service of the Municipality of Galatsi.

Corfu: Distribution of leaflet «Courtesy on the Road» by officers of the traffic police of Corfu, at central places of the island. There was an intense interest by the local media as well.

All around Greece

March 22 – 26:
Distribution of leaflet «Courtesy on the Road» all around Greece by traffic policemen and local Authorities and partners and by the companies: Aegean Motorway, Olympia Odos and MOREAS, in the framework of the celebration of the European Day of Courtesy on the Road on March 26th.

Partner organizations: 
Volunteers of the volunteer network of the R.S.I., University of Patras, University of the Aegean, Technical University of Crete, Democritus University of Thrace, Filekpaideftiki Etaireia, Directorate of Primary Education of Serres, Directorate of Primary Education of Cyclades, Directorate of Secondary Education of Achaia, Directorate of Secondary Education of Chios, 3rd primary school of Melissia, 9th primary school of Alimos, 5th primary school of Keratsini, 2nd high school of Galatsi, 1st Experimental Lyceum of Plaka, 2nd high school of Moudania, Evia, 3rd high school of Edessa, Primary school of Nea Kouteli and Kondia Limnos, High school and Lyceum of Myrina Limnos, High school of Livadohori Limnos, Primary school of Kastella Evia, Primary school of Plagiari Thessaloniki, Municipality of Galatsi, Municipality of Patras, Municipality of Chios, Municipal Police of Edessa, Municipal Police of Kalyvia, Traffic Police of: Agrinio, Aghia Paraskevi, Athens airport, Egaleo, Alexandroupoli, Amaliada, 2nd of Thessaloniki, Elefsina, kapandriti, Keratea, Corfu, Kefallonia, Kifisia, Kilkis, Komotini, Korydallos, Megara, Patras, Peristeri, Salamina, Serres, Chalkida, Chania and Chios, Athens Urban Transport Organisation, Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organisation, Hellenic Chambers Transport Organisation, Hellenic Association for Road Traffic Victim Support of Rhodes, Department of Mental Health of the Chios General Hospital, Association of road accidents

Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” in collaboration with “European Profiles” and MKO ANCE NGO, organized the event: “Children and Youth compete to create for Road Safety, Environment and Civilization” in the framework of the Forum “Europeanisation Greece 2021” that was held during the “Money Show” conference on the 20th of December 2009. The Institute presented works of art created by students of the Athens School of Fine Arts on “road behavior and courtesy”. A video titled “Sociodromologia, road behavior: Athens, Brussels, Stockholm” was also screened and the President of the Institute gave a presentation on Road Safety and the action taken by the Institute. ANCE NGO and “European Profiles” gave presentations regarding the Environment and the Civilization respectively followed by relevant video projections (Athens Hilton, 20 December 2009).

 R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas”, in cooperation with the Belokomiti Educational/Cultural Society of Karditsa at the NevropolisMunicipality, organised an event. Major contributor in this, Mr. Bakolas, is the owner of the company European Profiles and the event was dedicated to the memory of his son who, just a few months ago, perished in a road traffic accident. RSI coordinator Mr. Eskioglou presented at the areas’ local school - where the event took place – R.S.I.’s activities and future plans regarding the improvement of Road Traffic Safety in Greece. Also, in reference with road safety issues, works of art and posters from the students of the Athens School of Fine Arts and RSI were put on display, as well as TV commercials. Printed RSI material was distributed, as well as cycling helmets among the younger participants (aged 6-12). The event concluded with awarding a special award plaque to 3 mothers with many children. Mr. Bakolas also opened a bank account for them. Following this successful event the Major committed to accommodate an even greater event, in the wider area of Karditsa prefecture, regarding Road Safety and in cooperation with R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas”.

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce and R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” co-organised a conference themed: Traffic Safety – Experiences & Preferable Solutions from the Swedish Model”. The event incorporated presentations of pioneering applications by Swedish companies like Volvo, Sensys, Thoreb, Kapsch and Savalco Manskin as well as the Swedish Road Administration (Vagverket) and the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). The Greek public received a debriefing concerning the current situation on various road traffic and mass transportation sectors of the country by the Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning & Public Works Athens and Urban Transport Organisation (OASA). Of notable interest were the presentations of Swedish experts, as their country has one of the highest road safety rankings worldwide (Athens, Divani Caravel Hotel, 16 June 2009).

The 1st National Hellenic Week for Road Safety (20-26 March 2009) was organised by Road Safety Institute (R.S.I.) “Panos Mylonas” and the Hellenic Institute of Transportation Engineers (H.I.T.E.) with a range of activities across many Greek Cities.

Events included:

·  A press conference in Athens to announce the creation of the Coalition for Road Safety and Culture on the 20th of March

·   1st National Meeting for Road Safety in Amyntaio, Florina in cooperation with the Hellenic Consumer Organisation of Florina, the Municipality of Amyntaio and the Amyntaio Youth Council on March 21st.

·   Road Safety Day for Western Greece in collaboration with R.S.I. member-company GEFIRA S.A.. A press conference attended by Western Greece’s governmental and other local contributors took place on the Rio-Antirio Bridge on the 22nd of March. Also a Safe Driving Simulator (E.E., Top-25 and Toyota collaboration) presentation was made at Patras’s St. George square on the same day.

·   Opening Ceremony for Pedestrian Walkway in Castellas 1st Public School at the municipality of Messapia in Evia. The event was accompanied by a presentation of the institute’s educational program “I circulate safely” – supported by ATTIKI ODOS - on the 23rd of March.

During the same week the “European Day of Courtesy on the Road” was celebrated on the 26th of March, alongside with a number of other European countries. The printed material, distributed nationwide, aimed to bring the Greek Drivers – which have proven to be the most aggressive in the European Union according to a recent survey – closer to the aim of the European Courtesy on the Road Day, thus promoting Road Safety and Culture.

R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” and H.I.T.E. aspire to firmly establish the Week for Road Safety and through it to inform the citizens and reduce road traffic accidents.

RSI, in collaboration with its Member GEFYRA SA, has organized a conference at the Conference Hall of the Ministry of Transportations and Communications on December 16,2008 for the presentation of the results of the awareness campaign on the causes of traffic accidents. The research was presented for the first time in public by the PanteionUniversity and has shown very interesting results. During the event RSI has rewarded the “Best Traffic Policeman of the Year”, who after the initiative of RSI, has been chosen for the significant contribution to the prevention of the traffic accidents and the protection of the human lives. For Attica the Policeman Mr Spyros Mertzanidis and for the rest of Greece the Policeman Mr. Nikolaos Triantafyllis have been awarded with an honor certificate and a speed gun radar was donated to the Police Stations they serve. The Minister of Transportations and Communication Mr. K.Hatzidakis, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. A. Andreoulakos, Mr. K.Dimitropoulos as a representative of the Police, the Director of the Traffic Police Mr Th. Agoris were present at the event. After the reward of the traffic policemen the Minister Mr. K. Hatzidakis has granted to the representative of GEFYRA S.A. Mr. N. Harikiopoulos the certificate of the Swiss Organization MY CLIMATE for their campaign on the eco-driving.

RSI in collaboration with NeaSmyrniMunicipality organized the Conference Knowledge-Prevention-Life” in the Hall of N. Smyrni, on December 3, 2008. The aim of the conference was the awareness of the citizens and the rise of the traffic rules consciousness and behavior, as an element of civilization for the promotion of the quality of life and the road safety of the local population, with emphasis to young people of the district.The Conference was coordinated by the President of RSI Mrs Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona while the vice-mayor Mr. Stavros Tzoulakis started the forum.

Main spokesmen of the Conference were Mr Notis Paraskevopoulos, civil engineer-transportation engineer and Coordinator of the Volunteer’s Network of RSI, Mr. Vassilis Orfanos, Moto Rally Driver-engineer and Mr Tasos Markouizos (Iaveris), Auto Rally Driver and Consultant of Safe Driving and Road Behaviour.

Presentation of R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” and its actions on the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents in conference organized by the Association Of Insurance Companies Of Greece for the Year Of Prevention, which was attended by private and public entities.

Journalist Serafeim Fintanidis co-coordinated the speeches made by Ms. M. Antonaki (Director of Association of Insurance Companies of Greece - EAEEE), Ms V. Danelli-Mylona (President of I.O.A.S.), Mr. John Tountas (President of Center Of Mental Health- I.K.P.) and Mr. M. Dasopoulos (Fire-fighter Mayor of A.P.S). R.S.I. “Panos Mylonas” was awarded with the 2008 Prevention Award through its President Ms. V Danelli-Mylona who received the prize. (Day of Private Insurance, Athens Concert Hall, November 11th 2008)

RSI supported the conference on “Road Safety and Development go together” during the Business Show Agrinio 2008. RSI was represented by Mr J.Freris, Member of the BoD and Communication Officer of GEFYRA AE. Mr. T. Markouizos (Iaveris), Mr. Stefanos Dimas (Mercedes Benz) and Mr. C.Paliokostas (AUTOCAR) have also participated in the event and they pointed out that the indexes of the road safety prove the level of development and the civilization of a country. (Agrinio, November 8, 2008)

Participation of transporting engineer N. Paraskevopoulos in the conference for the prevention of traffic accidents organized by non governmental organization (NGO) ”Troxoprovlepsi” on the occasion of the presentation of its website at Rethimno town.

(Rethimno Town, 3rd November 2008)

The Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” arranged the conference “Safety on Road Transportation as a factor of Development & Quality of Life” on thursday September 18th 2008, during the 4th Exhibition of Commercial Vehicles, which was hosted by Hellenic Ministry of Transport and Communications (M.T.C.) and the Association of Motor Vehicle Importers-Representatives (A.M.V.I.R). on Thursday September 18

The aim of the event was the information on the training of professional drivers and drivers of heavy-weight vehicles and the promotion of the social role of transport industry companies, in reference with the safe loading and transportation of hazardous cargoes and goods.

President of the Hellenic Republic Mr. Karolos Papoulias stated in his conference (gala) salute that road safety problem consists a “great domestic affair” for the Greek State and it must be confronted accordingly.

After the speeches, Director of “Quality & Safety” Mr. Nikos Bakas presented a live exhibition of the practical training program in a special modified circuit.

“Panos Mylonas” Road Safety Institute organized the successful event “Night Without Accidents” with the support of “ATTIKI ODOS” on Saturday evening September 13th 2008, at the Athens coastal highway, informing young people that driving and alcohol simply do not match up. The event took place at Akrotiri Boutique, Vive Mar and En Plo, the three most famous highway’s nightclubs and met great response from the participants, mainly composed by young people.

“Panos Mylonas” Road Safety Institute organized the event “Night Without Accidents” responding to an invitation by Chalkida Road Traffic Police Department on Saturday evening August 9th 2008, advising young people that driving and alcohol do not match up. The event met great response from the night club visitors, who were mainly young people and was held with the collaboration of “Panos Mylonas” R.S.I. volunteers and volunteers of the Greek Red Cross Section (E.E.S).

Actor Mr. Pasxalis Tsarouxas was among the volunteers of the event, which took place at three famous night clubs of Chalkida town, GAZ, MIST and LOCA, with the co-operation of Chalkida Road Traffic Police, the Prefecture of Evia and the support of Mazda-Vathis EPE and the V. Mastoris building company.  

Support of Road Safety event at the 2nd T.E.E. of Zografou, where the special informative brochure “Greek Driver’s Profile” was distributed. President of “Panos Mylonas” R.S.I. Ms V. Danelli-Mylona and race driver Mr. Tasos Markouizos-Iaveris were the speakers of the event. (Conference Hall of 2nd T.E.E. Zografou, 16 April 2008).

R.S.I. and 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital co-organized the conference “The Profile of Greek Driver” which was hosted at the amphitheatre of the Hospital on 20th June 2007. The event took place parallel to a Poster Exhibition on Road Safety, co-organized by “Panos Mylonas” R.S.I., Hellenic Air Forces and Road Traffic Police Department. President of R.S.I. was awarded for the social services provided and promoted by the Institute.

(Informative) road safety conference, co-organized by R.S.I and EL.IN.Y.A.E (Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety) during the MONEY SHOW at Athens and Thessaloniki (21/1/2007 and 9/12/2006).

Participation in organizing Road Safety Conference during the  MONEYSHOW exhibition taking place in Athens and Thessaloniki in cooperation with the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (9/12/2006, 21/1/2007).



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