Enjoy visiting Greece. Stay Safe on the road!

Enjoy visiting Greece. Stay Safe on the road!  

Summer Campaign on Road Safety

from RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ and the EU Delagation in Greece

RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ and the EU Delegation in Greece re-join forces this summer, re-launching their successful campaign Enjoy visiting Greece-Stay Safe on the road! in an ongoing effort to raise awareness on Road Safety in Greece.  


The campaign sets out to increase road safety and road awareness of Greek and foreign drivers who are spending their holidays in Greece and is supported by the Greek Police authorities.


The aim of the campaign is the prevention of road accidents that occur during the summer season, a period with high traffic loads at national and provincial roads. Data from the Greek Statistical Authority for last year’s summer trimester are discouraging, with 248 casualties and 352 seriously injured, while numbers for August 2015indicate that during the summer season’s peak there was a rapid increase of fatal injuries in Greece with 103 casualties (15,7% compared to 2014). 


The campaign includes TV and radio spots broadcasted all over Greece by nation-wide and local media outlets, encouraging the public not to forget to use their seat belts and helmets at all times, not to exceed speed limits and avoid drinking or using mobile phones while driving. Furthermore, a leaflet with useful road safety tips both in Greek and English is being distributed to drivers and visitors from Touristic Police offices, in collaboration with the Greek Police headquarters.


The “Enjoy Visiting Greece - Stay Safe on the Road” campaign is also promoted at El. Venizelos International Airport. Posters reminding visitors to be aware while on the road are being displayed until the end of August in both interior and exterior areas of the Airport, in cooperation with the AIA.






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