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Children are the future and our hope. They diserve nothing less but full information on topics that concern road safety and behaviour whether this has to do with their transportation with a vehicle or walking.


Unfortunately, in our country, Greece, it is very often and sad to see children in their mother’s lap on the rigth front seat.


The Code of Road Safety is enlighting: “In order to transport kids of 12 years old or less in car, it is mandatory to use special restraining and safety means such as special children seats, seat belts etc. The relative fine is 83 euros”. In another part we find another relative paragraph: “It is forbiden for kids of 12 years old or less to take the place next to the driver without a restraining mean that is appropriate for their age, weight and height.”


It is very important, though, to asess that children, even of bigger age, should avoid to seat next to the driver because, in case of an accident, they are subject to probable severe injury caused by the airbags.


The assumption is that children should be seated in the back in an appropriate restraining mean that is the child seat and under the close supervision of a parent who, of course, has also put on the seat belt.


There are three types of children seats on the market that have to do with their age and weight.


Type 0+ is for children of 0-15 months of age and 0-13 kilos of weight.


Type 1 is for children of 8 months–4 years of age and 9-18 kilos of weight.


Type 2/3 is for children of 3,5-12 years of age and 15-36 kilos of weight.


When the child because of it’s increased age leaves the children seat it has to put necessarily the seat belt on and to be seated on the back seat, until the age of 12 at least, as formentioned.



Road Traffic  behaviour is also extremely important.


We have to inform children about the meaning of road signs and the use of traffic lights. It is important to learn our children how to use the traffic lights, how to cross roads using the pedestrian lines, how to control vehicle movement on both sides of the road before they cross it, and to always use the sidewalk. Also, not to play on public roads, but in special places like parks and camps, where and when permitted.

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