The Hellenic Research and Educational Institute “Panos Mylonas” for the Road Safety and the Prevention and Reduction of Traffic Accident, was founded in May 12th 2005. It is a non-profit Organization founded by University Institutions and selectively appointed companies.

The Institute aims to support and promote actions that advance road safety and traffic education, as well as study, research, information and education sectors and initiatives targeting on the prevention and reduction of traffic accidents.

The main objective of “Panos Mylonas” Institute is the awareness of citizens and authorities in the fields of information and protection on road safety and moreover, the additional strengthening and support of the Greek state in order to provide and enforce effective measures and policies that promote traffic education, road safety and reduction of traffic accidents.

The reason for the Institution’s founding is that Greece is the country with the highest number of fatal accidents across Europe. Moreover, traffic accidents are the first cause of death in Greece.

The occasion for the creation of the Institute was the tragic loss of a young charismatic man, very promising in the field of technology and journalism.

Panos Mylonas, was completing his studies in the Faculty of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Department on Patras University and was at the same time editor of car magazines. He lost his life at the age of 22 on a traffic accident on the midday of March 22nd 2004, while he was driving to Patra to attend lectures of his Faculty.

According to Patras University, which has already established a scholarship in his memory, Panos was “an outstanding student of great moral values, very promising future in the field of technology and journalism, endued with special skills and multiple interests. His loss has shocked the University Community”

“The aim of the Institute is not only the awareness of citizens, but also the activation of all private and public sectors in order to prevent Greece from being the first European country in fatal traffic accidents. The Board of Directors, after taking office, underlined that according to statistics, most of the victims are young people”

The founding members of the Institution are university institutions, selectively appointer companies and aware citizens. Among its new members are included entities of the wider public sector, while unions, organizations of public and private sector while European Committee is among the associated partners. “Panos Mylonas” Institute is a member of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC).

We hope that this effort, which started after a tragic event, will be the start of improvement on road safety conditions in our country.

Let’s hope that the tragic loss of a young moral man, with respect for the human kind and love for life, will sign the start of active participation for road safety and that Panos’ loss will be the cause of fewer deaths on the roads.

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