We don’t drink alcool before driving.

We always put on the seat belt. Deaths have been refered even after crashes with only 20 km/h because of basic organs’ injury caused by the steering wheel for drivers not using the seat belt.

We use children seat for children.



We always put on the helmet when riding a motorcycle.

We never speak on the mobile phone while driving. When we do that we become a danger for the others and ourselves.When having an incoming call on our mobile phone that we necessarily need to respond to, first we park our car at an appropriate place informing for our move with the “alarm” button in time, and then we take the call.

We avoid any possible distraction such as smoking, playing with the radio tuner or whatever else distracts our eyes from the road

We respect traffic lights, road signs like “stop” signs, and giving priority.

We never forget that in crossroads without traffic signs or traffic lights, the priority is given to those who arrive from the right.

When neglecting a “Stop” sign even with a “low” speed such as 30 km/h the following contact can deprive human lives...

We hold our nerves, become patient, use the horn as less as possible, avoid arguing with others and never swear.


We inform the other drivers in time of our lane - direction change with the flash lights and before doing it we always keep track of our mirrors.

Flash light, when attempting to overtake, doesn’t force the overtaking manoevre, but it only warns.

Before parking we always warn in time with the “alarm” button.

While driving, despite our ability and speed, we put aside our ego.


We are galant as far as overtaking is concerned. We don’t force an overtaking move. We give space to someone who is trying to overtake us, using always the flash light. 





We never overtake from the right.

We maintain safety distances from the vehicles that procede us. Sudden braking can occur at any time.



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