Road Safety Institute “RSI” “Panos Mylonas” celebrates 10 years of action

Athens, December 17th 2015



RSI "Panos Mylonas" completed 10 years of action in the sector of road safety. Following the tragic and unfair death of Panos Mylonas, an Organization that has a significant and active role in the prevention of road accidents was created. RSI’ s  work, recognized not only in Greece but internationally as well, was presented on December 17th, 2015 at Zappeion Megaron in the presence of distinguished guests, friends and associates of the Institute, as well as many representatives of institutional, social entities and Organizations.


More specifically, the event was attended by Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis, the President of the Parliament, who also awarded the Prize to the Traffic Policemen of the Year, the Minister of Interior Affairs and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis, the Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostakis, and the President of the Special Permanent Road Safety Committee of the Parliament Mr. George Oursouzidis, honored us with their presence by delivering a support speech regarding the crucial, to all,  issue of road safety and the importance to defend/protect it in every possible way. Moreover, we were honored by the presence of our valuable sponsors, the "Alliance for safety and courtesy on the road," our members and supporters, who all expressed in this way the priority they give to human life, demonstrating their corporate social responsibility. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew also sent a written greeting, congratulating the Institute for its ten consecutive years of efforts to prevent road accidents.


Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas"’ President Mrs. Vasiliki Danelli - Mylona, made an overview of the main actions and projects achieved by the RSI during the decade 2005 - 2015, and renewed the commitment of the Institute for new future campaigns in order to achieve our ultimate goal for a world without road crushes.

It was a great pleasure for the whole RSI team to host the Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC - European Transport Safety Council), Mr. Antonio Avenoso, who pointed out the significant contribution of the Institute on International developments related to Road Safety. Mr. Avenoso, stated that “Over the last ten years it has been very inspiring for me personally to witness the growth, evolution and impact that the Road Safety Institute has had.
"Panos Mylonas” has been truly exceptional at raising the profile of road safety in Greece with its use of campaigns, the media and social media.
But improving road safety is also about system-wide change. It takes public awareness, political will and the backing of stakeholders across industry and civil society. “Panos Mylonas”, from the start has understood this and partnered with universities, companies and associations in Greece, and around Europe.  I also think this has been crucial to the organisation's success.

After the presentation, the “Traffic Policemen of the Year’’ awards ceremony followed, an initiative of RSI established since many years;  Mr. John Spanidis from the Traffic Department of Ellinikon and Mr. John Kolios,  from the Traffic Department of Viotia were awarded for their contribution in helping to prevent road accidents and protect citizens’ lives. The award ceremony was held in the presence of the General Police Inspector of Southern Greece, Mr. Constantinos Michairinas and Head representatives of the Greek Police. The Traffic Policemen received an honorary plaque from RSI and also donated an alcoholmeter to each Department.

RSIvolunteers Mrs.Mirto Evangelou and Mr. George Kolokithas were awarded for their significant contribution to Road Safety Institute "Panos Mylonas".


During the event, two very interesting videos were presented: one was a brief outline of the Institute ten-year history, and the second consisted of short greetings from international personalities in the field of road safety and in particular:


 - Jean Todt, President of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (F.I.A.) & United Nations Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Road Safety 

 - Szabolcs Schmidt, European Commission, DG MOVE Head of Road Safety 

  - Prof. Claes Tingvall, the ”Father” of the Vision Zero concept

 - Christy McCann, Chief Scout of Scouting Ireland

 - Michael Woodford, President of The Safer Roads Foundation (S.R.F.)


After the presentation, all guests had the opportunity to tour the exhibition of applications, programs, and the unique in Greece equipment of the Institute.


We would like to especially thank the sponsors of the event: GENESIS PHARMA, HELLASTRON, ETSC (European Transport Safety Council), SRF (Safer Road Foundation), as well as public television (ERT) and Mr. Nicholas Korovilas - journalist, for coordinating the event.


It is important to mention that deaths in Greece decreased by 53% and serious injuries by 55% over the decade 2004 - 2014.In particular, for 2014, 793 of our fellow citizens died in the roads, while in 2004 the number was 1,670. However, during the first nine months of 2015, an increase was recorded to the number of fatalities and seriously injured in road traffic by 9.7% and 3.7% compared respectively to 2014. This shows that we must intensify our efforts to raise awareness of all road users until the vision of the Institute becomes reality:  living in a world without traffic accidents!



A brief outline of the Institute ten-year history (official video):

Short greetings from international personalities in the field of road safety (video):  






Photograph 1:  RSI President Mrs. Vassiliki Danelli – Mylona with Mr.  Antonio Avenoso and Mr. Nikos Korovilas

Photograph 2:  The President of the Parliament Mr. Nikolaos Voutsis, General Police Inspector of Southern Greece, Mr. Constantinos Michairinas, Mrs. Vassiliki Danelli-Mylona, and Chiefs of Departments of Traffic Police with awarded Policemen of the Year 

Photograph 3: Mr. Konstantinos Giannopoulos, President of the NGO “The smile of the child” nominates RSI volunteers

Photograph 4: Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Mr. Panagiotis Kouroumplis with Mrs. Vassiliki Danesli-Mylona and the Ecumenical Patriarch representative.

Photograph 5: Deputy Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Networks Mr. Panagiotis Sgouridis

Photograph 6: Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitrios Anagnostakis, with Police representatives

Photograph 7: President of the Special Permanent Road Safety Committee of Parliament Mr. George Oursouzidis with RSI representatives



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