Secretary General of Public Order and President of RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ announce joint actions and initiatives for the prevention of road traffic crashes.


At a meeting held on Tuesday 2/8/2016, the Secretary of Public Order, Mr. Dimitris Anagnostakis met with RSI’s President Mrs. Vassiliki Danelli Mylona. 


Both parties emphasized the need to strengthen the cooperation between the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the Greek Police and RSI ‘Panos Mylonas’ for road safety.


In particular, there was an agreement on undertaking initiatives and actions towards the prevention of road accidents during the summer season, when traffic volumes are increased. One of the actions to be taken involves the distribution of RSI’s leaflet, through Tourist Police offices, which includes safety tips and information for the driver’s safety and the prevention of road traffic crashes both in Greek and English.


The Secretary of Public Order and RSI’s President both recognized the crucial role of enforcement and the prevention through raising awareness and they agreed on joint actions aiming to reduce road accidents in Greece.


The meeting was also attended by RSI’s Quality Manager, Mrs. Maria Niotaki, the Head of Order Branch, Major Vasileios Tzigkos, the Head of Traffic Police, Police Director Mr. Georgios Eleftherakis and Greek Police’s Press Officer, Ioanna Rotziokou.

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