The road behaviour of pedestrians is also of extreme importance. Contrary to common belief, they also carry responsibility, for example for accidents when pedestrians have been hit by an ongoing vehicle or motorcycle, usually at high speed, when trying to cross a road at a place where it is not permitted.


It is of vital importance for a pedestrian to know when he has priority or not on crossroads.


We check carefully traffic lights and prefere to cross roads from such spots, when it is noted and allowed by the “green walking small man”.

On pedestrian lines with the absense of traffic lights, that are marked by parallel white lines on the road, pedestrians have priority, but its’ passing must be done with the proper care, because misunderstanding between drivers and pedestrians is a common mistake.




It is necessary to use the sidewalk, when possible.


On roads without traffic lights and pedestrian lines, we cross the road vertically and having before checked with care movement on both sides of the road.


We never cross a road at a “blind” spot for us and ongoing drivers, e.g. a blind corner entry.

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