Motorcycle riding demands higher concentration, experience and fitness than car driving, because the body takes a bigger part in movement.


We take care for an excellent maintainance of our motorcycle (regular services, changes of tyres, etc.).


We ALWAYS put on helmet. Helmet in case of accident can prevent heavy cerebral injuries.


The use of special leather suits is also necessary, as they protect vital parts of the body, such as the spinal cord.


A big mistake that motorcycle riders do is to attempt, even force, overtaking from the right.



We always overtake from the left and with maximum care, because the driver that precedes us may not have even noticed, because of the “blind spot” of the mirror.


We avoid passing through stopped vehicles with increased speed.


We keep safety distance from other vehicles and motorcycles.


We avoid sudden direction changes in front of a slow charging vehicle.


We respect Stop signs and all the rest of the signs vigorously.



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